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Genes Week

by Christine Lindsey in From the Executive Director

This is an article written by Leaha Jones, one of our foster care therapists. Read what she has to say about down syndrome and raising awareness.

As a new mother of a beautiful baby girl with Down syndrome, I feel it is important to promote awareness about this disorder.  March 21st is World Down Syndrome Day or “Gene Day”.  Individuals are asked to wear jeans on Wednesday, March 21st in order to show support and help raise awareness about Down syndrome.

Thank you for your support!

by Christine Lindsey in From the Executive Director

Our Trivia Night was a big success - thanks to all of our sponsors and participants.  We had a wonderful time at the KC -West Club, and we even learned a few things.  (Did you know that Greenland is ruled by Denmark?)  Help us say thank you to all of our supporters by supporting them in the community!

Adoption Comes in All Shapes and Forms

by Christine Lindsey in From the Executive Director

We know that adoptive families are just like other families, but their journey to become a family can look different depending on what type of adoption they decide is best for them.  Whenever I meet with adoptive families, I am always impressed with how their adoption story has become just one part of who they are - it is an important part, but one that has been folded into their larger story.  I recently read an article from an older issue of Parents Magazine by Pamela Kruger that does a wonderful job of highlighting the options and giving an overview of adoption choices.

He has your smile…

by Christine Lindsey in

“Dear J.,

I hope this letter finds you well.  Everything with us is OK and very busy – M is growing and laughing – his favorite game is to jump off the last stair and yell “go, go!”  He’s also very full of activity and seems to be everywhere at once.  He’s got your smile – I know I’ve mentioned that to you before, but it never fails to surprise me when he smiles or laughs – it is your smile coming back at me….”

I’m not sure that I ever imagined writing a letter like this when I thought about my future family.  But that’s what is funny about life – you have no idea where it will take you.  My husband and I have 3 children – 2 biological children and 1 adopted child.  Every adoptive family gets to that point by a different path – for us, we decided to adopt after we had “replaced ourselves on the earth” as my husband says.  We didn’t feel our family was complete yet, and so, after watching my sister adopt, we began to seriously consider the option for us as well.