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Adoption 40 Years Later

by Christine Lindsey in From the Executive Director

I had a wonderful experience the other day.  One of our birth mothers came into the office to “check-in” after 40 years.  She made an adoption plan for her daughter in the 1960s and has begun to wonder lately how her daughter is doing. 


We spoke during her visit – she is an outgoing, successful business woman who is very happy with the path she has made in her life.  As she has grown older, she has talked with her other grown children, who were born after making an adoption plan for her daughter, and she wanted all of them to have a chance to know each other, if they wanted to.


This brave and loving birthmother contacted Family Service Center to make sure that her file was up-to-date in case her grown daughter ever wants to reach out to her or her family.  She wants her daughter to know she is loved and wanted, and that the choice for further contact is up to her daughter. 


As I thought more about our afternoon visitor, I was once again amazed at the quality of work and excellent staff we have at Family Service Center.  Not to toot our own horn, but maybe beep it a little, FSC has provided decades of great service to our community here in Central Illinois.  This birthmother clearly had a great experience with our staff more than 40 years ago, and she personally came in to talk to me because she wanted me to know how helpful our staff had been to her over the phone when she called in recently. 


I know our staff is wonderful. And I also know how hard they work everyday to serve their clients.  This birthmother is a wonderful example of the power of adoption and of the positive outcomes for birthparents when great staff take care of them throughout the process.  I hope she gets to meet her daughter soon – but even if they never meet face to face, she has left her daughter a loving message in her file.  And we are honored to be a part of that process. 

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