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Adoption Comes in All Shapes and Forms

by Christine Lindsey in From the Executive Director

We know that adoptive families are just like other families, but their journey to become a family can look different depending on what type of adoption they decide is best for them.   Whenever I meet with adoptive families, I am always impressed with how their adoption story has become just one part of who they are - it is an important part, but one that has been folded into their larger story.   I recently read an article from an older issue of Parents Magazine by Pamela Kruger that does a wonderful job of highlighting the options and giving an overview of adoption choices.

To read the article, click here.  

At Family Service Center, adoptive families (and foster families) really do take on all shapes and sizes.  I don't think the article addresses non-traditional adoptive families - each of the couples interviewed are in traditional relationships and Caucasian.  I know that adoptive families are much more diverse, and that is part of the reason that I like them so much.  

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