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Great upcoming adoption conference in town!

by Christine Lindsey in From the Executive Director

Here at Family Service Center, we are collaborating with local adoption support agencies, including In His Hands Orphan Outreach.  They have a wonderful conference coming up in April that everyone should check out!

Michelle McGowan, In His Hands Executive Director, and her staff have planned a great day for anyone interested in adoption, regardless of the level of their experience.  Here is the list of sessions available:

Adoption Options - Learn about foster to adopt, domestic newborn and international adoption.

The Reluctant Parent - When one spouse wants to adopt and the other is uncertain.

Adoption Preservation - Giving the tools and resources to adoptive families who are struggling.

Helping Orphans from Home - How to get involved in changing the lives of orphans and foster children.

Acculturation - Understanding cultural differences and learning to help your child adjust to a new culture.

Older Child Adoption - What to consider when thinking about adopting an older child.

Adopting an HIV+ Child - What it is like to adopt an HIV positive child and how to care for a child with this condition.

Reaching Youth to Change Orphans’ Lives - Find out ways to get your school or youth group involved in making a difference in the lives of orphans.

Foster to Adopt - What is required of foster parents who are interested in adoption, how to get started fostering, and what to expect.

Becoming a Multi-Racial Family - What challenges people experience in adopting from a race other than their own.

Adopting from China - Learn about the China adoption process, special needs common to Chinese orphans, and experiences from adoptive families.

Short Term Missions to Orphanages - How you can get involved in a trip to impact orphans.

Making Adoption Affordable - How to overcome the cost of adoption, including fundraising and adoption grants.

Bonding and Attachment - How to help your child attach and how to build the bond between parent and child.

Adopting as a Single Parent - How do you know if adopting as a single is right for you?

Adopting a Child with Special Needs - What exactly are special needs?  How can adoptive parents help their special needs child to flourish?


I hope you can join us on April 14th.  I will be helping out with some of the sessions, and we will also have information available for families who want find out more about foster care or adoption.  Click here to go to the registration site.  

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