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Pregnancy bias?  Not here.

by Christine Lindsey in From the Executive Director

I just want to say that here at Family Service Center, we love babies.  Completely.  They are terrific in all forms, and they continue to be terrific as they grow up.  We think of babies and children as extensions into our shared future, and we work hard to take care of them.

Because we love babies, and by extension, their expectant parents, I was shocked when I read a recent article online about pregnancy bias.    While pregnancy is an obvious change in most women's lives, it is no different than an employee who needs time off for some other health related issue - back problems, carpal tunnel surgery, or cancer.  Is the difference that we see the employee as "choosing" to have this health issue - and so can be punished?  How ridiculous.  Employees are the most valuable resource we have, and taking care of them all along the life span is important to keeping our agency moving forward. 

One of the ways we are accepting the different stresses across the lifespan and showing babies how much they are welcomed is by beginning our "Baby to Work" program for our staff.  You can read about the specifics here, but essentially, the policy says that staff with eligible job descriptions can bring their newborns to work with them until the baby begins to crawl.  I am excited about the program, and there are already a few staff signed up to participate.

So, we're not biased about pregnancy, babies, or families.  In fact, we welcome all three.  

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