Birthparent Services

Our agency recognizes that placing a child for adoption is a difficult decision, and we respect all of the birthparents who consider this option, including those that decide to parent their child.   We also believe that placing a child can be a wonderful choice for everyone involved, including the birthparents.  

Family Service Center offers free counseling to expectant mothers and fathers when they are making a choice whether adoption is the best choice for their baby. Staff is available to meet with the expectant parent and offer ongoing support during her pregnancy and after. 

Our agency would also offer support and assistance to a couple seeking to find an adoptive family for their child. We would be happy to meet with any birthparent to explore all the steps of the adoption process and offer as much guidance as possible. Counseling is also available to the birth mother and or father after the child is placed for adoption to assist with any grief or loss issues.

If you or someone you know is interested in placing a child for adoption, please contact us at for more information, or call us at (217) 528-8406 or 1-800-877-ADOPT30.