Infant Services

The Adoption Center of Central Illinois works with families to begin the adoption process. The family will need to complete an adoption home study, become licensed as a foster parent and attend an adoption training. For some families, the process can seem overwhelming and confusing - contact us if you would like a free consult on Illinois adoptions and their typical progression. Our adoptive families typically have an infant placement within 12-18 months. Some placements are much sooner, and others take longer. Each family is different, and we support each of our adoptive families along the way.

Family Service Center requires potential adoptive parents to be at least 21 years old. We believe that families can come in all shapes and sizes and supports all potential parents in their dream of becoming a family.

In the case of a child placed with an Illinois family from another state, Family Service Center will assist families with the necessary documentation as required by the Illinois Interstate Compact Office.

Our current schedule of fees can be found here.